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Legal counseling​

Telephone consultancy on issues related to: penal, civil, mercantile, etc. We do not provide legal advice on labor issues.

Monday to Friday from 8 to 17​

Financial counseling

Telephone advice on financial issues, family finances, credits and others.

Monday to Friday from 8 to 17.

Nutritional counseling

Telephone counseling focused on the prevention and management of problems such as health risks, obesity, food behavior disorders, health and family nutrition. Monday to Friday from 8 to 17.

Emotional counseling

Crisis intervention by telephone and/or up to 6 sessions face to face.
Attention 24 hrs. 365 days a year. Mexico and Latin America.


Training on topics applied to organizational health and/or family dynamics, to consolidate or generate emotional and/or behavioral skills.

NOM 035 STPS 2018

We carry out the evaluation, diagnosis and action plan on psychosocial risk factors, organizational environment and labor violence as established by NOM.

Personal, family and work well-being

Improves the works environment

Decreases rotation​

Meets NOM-035-STPS​

Increase the sense of belonging​

Raises productivity​

Improves corporate reputation

Corporate benefits of the Employee Assistance Program


Employee Assistance Program

We take care of your most valuable resource, your collaborators.

We provide comprehensive benefits of emotional wellbeing. If they are well, their professional development improves and your company grows.

We are a company focused to prevent and solve the situations that affect the welfare of your collaborators and their families.

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Ciudad de México, México

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